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Andrés is Mechanical Engineer from Simón Bolívar University, Caracas, Venezuela and Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Boston University School of Management. He has advanced studies in management and finance at the Babson School of Executive Education, Darden Graduate School of Business and Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.

From 1984 to 1999 he served in the Venezuelan Petroleum Industry, occupying various managerial and executive positions. He emigrated to Spain in 2001, where he has developed a variety of activities, among others, intraday trader in the US stock markets, real estate developer and private consultant in photovoltaic solar energy markets.Since the beginning of 2017 he has dedicated all his energy to the study and documentation of issues related to transhumanism and the extension of life. Since then he attends Congresses and participates in events that deepen the developments and advances in these fields of science.

Andrés is the owner and editor of, which entails one of the most comprehensive digital library on emerging technologies and particularly on the subject of life extension and rejuvenation

Andrés is Full Member of Humanity Plus, the largest international nonprofit membership organization, which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capabilities, Online Member of People Unlimited Inc., an organization that promoted by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension and producer of the RAADfest (Revolution Against Aging and Death Festival) and collaborates with the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation through its crowfunding program.

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