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Bárbara Quintela, Ph.D.

82 - Bárbara de Melo Quintela

University Professor and Researcher at UFJF/Brazil. Algorithms, Data Structures and Computational Immunology.

Bárbara Quintela, Ph.D.

Barbara de Melo Quintela holds a Doctor in Science degree in Computational Modelling from UFJF (Brazil) and has been working with mathematical models applied to health sciences for over a decade. She has worked as Visitor Research Assistant during the doctorate at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (NM/USA) where she focused on mathematical models to understand viral dynamics. After the doctorate she has also worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Bologna where she has collaborated with the design and development of a new version of the Virtual Physiological Human – Hypermodeling Framework (VPH-HFv3), a computational tool to orchestrate multiscale mathematical models for solid tumours. She became Assistant Professor at UFJF (Brazil) in 2018 and her research interests include multiscale modelling and the development of digital twins for in silico medicine and computational immunology.

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