Rohit Talwar

Rohit joined in a conversation with two other futurists. The interview is entitled "A look Through Futurists' Eyes". When asked how he sees technology changing manufacturing in the coming years, Talwar says he sees major changes as several exponentially advancing smart technologies come into play and gives some examples of them. To learn more click […]

Ichor Therapeutics

Do you know Ichor Therapeutics? Ichor has studied fundamental mechanisms of aging to develop new classes of drugs dedicated to helping people live longer and healthier lives. Ichor has stood out as one of the most respected and established biopharmaceutical companies focused exclusively on aging diseases. Today, with a research team of over 50 employees […]

Luciana Dadalto

Recently Dr. Luciana wrote an article on the "Electronic Living Will" and his considerations for the implementation of this kind of Anticipated Will Directives in the Information Society. This research had used the inductive method, with a specific and already patented system for the implementation of this mechanism, with inflexions denoted in the light of […]


According to Stemaid, Pluripotent stem cells can reduce Covid-19 mortality. Based on the understanding of the inflammatory process involved in the advanced stages of OVID-19 and based on the knowledge of how pluripotent embryonic stem cells are able to effectively reduce the inflammatory storm without diminishing immune capacity, Stemaid believes that pluripotent stem cells can […]

Alexander Paziotopoulos

Alexander Paziotopoulos takes a solution-based approach to healing the physical, mental, and emotional health of his patients at The Pazio Institute. As a specialist in anti-aging, regenerative, and functional medicine, Dr. Paziotopoulos incorporates a variety of disciplines into his practice to ensure individuals enjoy a long and happy life. He values building the long-term relationships […]

James Hughes

“Embrace the End of Work”: Unless we send humanity on permanent paid vacation, the future can get very bleak article written by Dr. James Hughes, who this year joins the Healthy Masters international conference. According to Dr. James without a clear strategic goal of a humanity liberated from work through the gradual expansion of automation […]

Denisa Rensen

Have you seen blissDesigned magazine? In 2020 there will be 4 issues, SOMA | PSYCHE | EROS | FUTURAE. Curious? It’s a women’s magazine that focuses on the individual’s full happiness. Denisa is a woman full of strength and knowledge, and therefore shares much of her knowledge with her followers. An interesting and diverse magazine. […]

José Cordeiro

The death of death, a book by José Cordeiro that tells us about the cure for aging and the discovery of a cure for death. It has the Spanish and Portuguese edition. In the opinion of José Luis Cordeiro, the undeniable fact of death can now be refuted for scientific and technical reasons. Is death […]

Ben Best

Have you read Ben Best’s study on Alzheimer’s disease? AD is incurable. It leads to death on average 8 years after diagnosis, the last 3 of which are typically spent in an institution. It’s the number one cause of institutionalization in the United States. In the final stages, victims are bedridden, lose urinary and bowel […]

Stuart Maudsley

Dr. Maudsley has written a publication on Arrestin-based Receiver Signaling Paradigms: Potential therapeutic targets for complex age-related disorders. The pharmacotherapeutic exploration of this signaling paradigm has created a drug-based field covering almost 50% of the current pharmacopoeia. From the revolutionary discoveries of the late 1990s to the present day, it is now clear, however, that […]