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Collin Ewald, Ph.D.

63 - Collin Ewald, PhD_

Extracellular Matrix Regeneration Laboratory, Department of Health Sciences and Technology.

Collin Ewald, Ph.D.

Collin has a longstanding interest in the molecular biology of healthy aging and age-related pathologies.

He is the founder and currently the president of the Swiss Society for Aging Research ( He has received multiple awards, including NYAS Future Entrepreneur recognized by the New York Academy of Sciences, and is named under the top 1000 Longevity Leaders worldwide and the top 15 Longevity Influencers in Switzerland.
Research interests: Our recent work has shown that many health- and longevity-promoting interventions re-activate the expression of extracellular matrix (ECM) genes during aging (Ewald et al., Nature 2015, PMID:25517099). This ECM enhancement is required and sufficient for extending the lifespan of C. elegans. Our research efforts are focusing on exploring the mechanism(s) of how prolonged ECM homeostasis promotes healthy aging.
Expertise: C. elegans ECM, aging, protein aggregation, neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s disease), Insulin/IGF-1 signaling, NADPH oxidases, ROS, oxidative stress, automated lifespan assessment, genetic and chemical high-throughput screening. 
Lab website:
Twitter: @CollinEwald

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