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Dr. Natasha Vita-More, Ph.D.

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Science, Society & Philosophy; Author & Lecturer; University Professor - Humanities: Innovation, Ethics, AI Technology; Arts & Sciences.

Natasha Vita-More, Ph.D

Dr. Natasha Vita-More is a rare talent of ground-breaking accomplishment. She appears in more than two dozen televised documentaries, authors numerous articles and books about the future of humanity, achieved a scientific breakthrough, innovated the seminal whole-body prosthetic, and co-founded a global cultural movement. Called “An early adapter of revolutionary changes” (Wired, 2000), a “role model for superlongevity (Village Voice, 2001), and “Advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities” (Politico, 2017), Ray Kurzweil states, “Natasha Vita-More is a very engaging, highly regarded, and dramatic speaker, writer, and thinker”.

Natasha focuses on the ethical use of technology and evidence-based science for addressing the questions and concerns humanity faces. These include mitigating aging, healthy longevity, AI-human interfaces, robotics, nanotechnology and information tech. Her experience in the field of foresight studies establishes principles and practices for assessing humanity’s potential futures. Her proficiency as a professor of ethics has produced high-level scholarship toward understanding the challenges societies face.

Known for being the co-founder of the transhumanist movement, introducing the seminal field of human enhancement for longevity in academics, developing the theory of the regenerative generation, Natasha continues to speak and write about cultural, philosophical, and socio-political issues concerning what it means to be human, and the need for lifelong learning to better understand the current environment and our place in it and to develop trajectories for where we are headed in the near and distant future.

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