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Dr Nichola Conlon

Chief Executive and Founder of Nuchido

Dr. Nichola is a molecular biologist specialized in the study of ageing as a biologically complex disorder. With a focus on becoming an Epithelial physiologist, Dr. Conlon, decided to pursue her PhD, at Newcastle University, there, she specialized in the structure and function of drugs and nutrient transporters.

Nuchido was founded in May 2017 and is a company  that  focuses  on   scientific  advances  on   aging .  They  search  for products that delay and even reverse the signs and processes of aging.

Nuchido’s vision is to provide a good lifestyle regardless of age. That’s why they focus their strenght to improve good health “healthspan”. Healthspan is the number of the years you livewith good health without suffering from diseases due to age. Essentially, the time of your life you spend actually living it. Their team are using the latest research to create the most inovation products, like TIME +.

TIME + is a suplement, with NDA+, and they promise improvement four times more than other products. NDA+ is a natural  molecule   found  in  all   living  cells  of   the  body.

Nuchido TIME+ targets multiple cellular pathways involved in the production and consumption of NDA+ that become dysregulated with age, allowing older cells to resume higher levels of natural NDA+ production.

Recently, Nuchido was finalist in the Inovation of the Year Award at VentureFest Northe East, that rewards the ground-breaking ideas, products and ideas to come out of the region.

Dr. Nichola is the meaning of a woman power.

“The problem today is not our lifespan being too short, but that our healthspan is no long enough”- Dr. Nicholas Conlon

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