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Elsa Logarinho, Ph.D.

93 - Elsa Logarinho, Ph.D (1)

Group Leader at IBMC - Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular.

Elsa Logarinho, Ph.D.

Since 2015 E. Logarinho (EL) leads the Aging & Aneuploidy group at i3S Institute, University of Porto. The group uses cellular and mouse models of aging and aneuploidy to study genomic instability as a unifying causal mechanism leading to most, if not all, aging hallmarks, and strategies targeting this central cause of aging are being explored as senotherapies in aging and progeroid syndromes (Progeria and Trisomy 21). Selected publications in recent years include [Logarinho, Nat Communics 2018] [Logarinho, Embo Rep 2020] [Logarinho, Nat Aging 2022]. The unique characteristics of the group’s multidisciplinary approach and work setting have generated key findings that are the basis of exciting future research. EL has successfully secured funding, presently coordinating projects granted by FCT national agency, Progeria Research Foundation, Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, and NORTE 2020. The originality of her work has caught international recognition shown by key international collaborations, the delivery of invited speaker/selected talks in prestigious meetings, peer reviewing and commissions of trust. EL is currently vice-coordinator of the Cancer Program and member of the Restrictive Scientific Council. EL co-authored 40 publications with >2000 citations (h-index 26), 25% on top journals. EL was recently awarded with the Maximom Prize on Longevity 2022.

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