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Harish Consul

76 - Harish Consul

Founder & CEO, Ocgrow Group.


Harish Consul is the Founder & CEO of Ocgrow Group of Companies, which is a privately held investment group, focused in venture capital & real estate development. Harish has spent his entire career as an entrepreneur, in building, operating & investing in highly successful growth oriented business across North America & globally now, with over 35 years of investment experience. There have been in both public & private markets, in several industry sectors ranging from technology to real estate.  

Ocgrow Ventures has been a leading early investor in several world class companies to date, including Amazon, Shopify, Coupang, Heliogen, Viome & many others. Harish is an innovator & creator, widely recognized for his visionary leadership and investment knowledge, always focused to build and inspire high energy teams. He is an active Board & Advisory Board member of several companies.

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