Healthy Masters

A recent scientific paper, published in Nature, reveals that stem cells in the hypothalamus (a specific area of the brain) have a crucial role on regulating aging. The scientific paper also reports the team manages the slow down and speed up the ageing process by transplanting or deleting stem cells in the hypothalamus.
Given the current rate of new amazing research on aging, it seems that the main barrier to a healthy later life is no longer the rate of progress, but the speed at which the growing quantity of knowledge of the biology of ageing is translated into treatments and lifestyle advice. This is one of our main goal at Healthy Masters.

Reference: Yalin Zhang, Min Soo Kim, Baosen Jia, Jingqi Yan, Juan Pablo Zuniga-Hertz, Cheng Han & Dongsheng Cai ( 2017) Hypothalamic stem cells control ageing speed partly through exosomal miRNAs, Nature volume 548, pages 52–57 (03 August 2017). Weblink: