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Our speaker José Luís Cordeiro, was interviewed in Portugal, during his visit to the Healthy Masters International Conference.
This interview was about the scientific question of immortality.
In an era where average life expectancy increases every 5 hours, the main question is "Can we live forever?” To which Dr. Cordeiro replied, "Absolutely." Dr. Cordeiro believes it is possible to live forever, because today we know that aging can be reversed.
The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012 was won by Shinya Yamanaka exactly for this reason.
Recent experiments with rats in which 4 genes were changed showed it could reverse the biological age of the rats. 
We say today that aging is a disease. But it is a curable disease, according to Dr. Cordeiro, the cure for aging may come in the next two decades. 
Today we also know that there are immortal cells, good and bad. The bad ones are the ones that cause cancer, for example, and we have the good ones that are the germ cells that in the case of men produce the spermatozoides and in the case of women the ovaries. 
In addition, there are animals such as hydras and jellyfish that are also considered biologically immortal.  
These studies have been carried out for more than two decades and, therefore, Dr. Cordeiro believes that in the next 20 years, at the most, 30 years will be possible to live indeterminately and young.  
The idea is to always be young. Because nobody wants to live forever as an old person. And this will be possible.
Dr. Luis Cordeiro says, "We are between the last mortal generation and the first immortal generation."
And to the question: "But is there a limit?", Dr. Cordeiro says “No, and it will be optional”.
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