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Jozef Hrncirik, M.D.

71- Jozef Hrncirik, M.D(1)

Independent Medical Practice Professional.

Jozef Hrncirik, M.D.

Jozef Hrncirik, M.D., now 74 year old, married to music teacher for 50 years, father to 2 daughters.

Born in Czechoslovakia.

Graduated from medical school in city of Brno / 1971 /.

I practiced general surgery for 14 years. Last 3 years of this period in city of Bizerte in Tunisia.

I emigrated with my family to France and later to Canada in summer 1985.

I became an emergency physician in 1986 after passing necessary exams / evaluating and licensing exam.

We lived in a beautiful town of Corner Brook, on the west coast of island of Newfoundland for almost 9 years.

In order to become a family physician I had to go through 2 years of training at Memorial Univ. in St. John’s … the most eastern part of North American continent.

Then / since 1995 / I practiced family medicine for 23 years in city of Miramichi in province of New Brunswick, Canada.

I retired in 2018 … which means that I was “ in the business “ for 47 years!

Hobbies were a significant part of my life. I played soccer for years. Guitar playing – and later – singing with piano were important elements in coping with professional duties.

We travelled extensively. One can not forget relaxing times at sunny beaches / playing volleyball… / and very intense evening dances with my wife at the resort.