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Co-founder & CEO of Gero (Singapore).


Co-founder of Gero (Singapore), being responsible for business development and legal affairs. Gero is an AI driven drug discovery company using big human medical data for identification of innovative therapeutics ( Gero’s flagship project is a pipeline pipeline of longevity therapeutics. Recent results include experimental therapies rejuvenating / reducing biological age and frailty in mice.

Gero investors are serial pharma and IT entrepreneurs (previous exits to Google, Facebook).

Gero works with leading academic partners, including Brian Kennedy, Aubrey de Grey, Robert J. Shmookler Reis, Vadim Gladyshev, Yuri Aulchenko, Andrei Gudkov and others to translate aging biology into life-changing interventions against biological aging acceleration in cancer, metabolic disorders and immunosenescence.

Being an unchallenged leader in application of AI in aging field Gero is rapidly expanding in other therapeutics areas.

Before Gero Maxim co-founded Quantum Pharmaceuticals. The company developed one of the world’s leading structure based drug design technologies and several first-in-class anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and anti-aging drug candidates. Maxim led technology licensing and drug discovery deals with pharma (including members of World Top 20) and Academia.

Author of several patents in biotech and IT.

Previously Maxim worked as a legal advisor in different international and domestic businesses with the experience of more than 10 years dealing with contract law, intellectual property, corporate law and investments.

Maxim has Law and Finance Master’s Degrees, both with honors.

Aging is taken very personal by Maxim: “aging takes our loved ones, brings suffering and death, if there were the only chance to stop it we should use this chance. Every day while we are on the way costs people’s lives so we should be quick and do our best to accomplish this mission as soon as possible”.

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