Dr. Naveen last year started a podcast called "Moonshots podcast". The first episode is already available. In this episode of Moonshot, we explored what Moonshots is. Which is developing a Mindset Moonshots.

They addressed topics such as having a mentality of abundance vs. scarcity of resources, population of other planets; Naveen's past growing in India; the most important skill we can improve; and much more!

(EP01) Moonshots Mindset with Naveen Jain (Moonshots Podcast)

“The only things we can’t do are the things we can’t imagine.” — Naveen JainIn the debut episode of Moonshots, Executive Producer Mandy sat down with Naveen to explore what Moonshots is all about: developing a Moonshots Mindset. Tune in for:- Having an abundance vs. scarcity mindset about resources- It’s all about asking the right questions, especially when it comes to audacious goals- Populating other planets; Naveen’s background growing up in India; the most important skill we can hone; and so much more!If you're on the go, remember, you can listen to the full podcast on iTunes!

Publicado por Naveen Jain em Terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2019

Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. Naveen believes that the moon is the way to save humanity from potential extinction.

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