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Odette Tonnaer

Odette Tonnaer

Founder of YOAKE, the Healthy Lifestyle Expertise.

Odette Tonnaer

She is a passionate business woman with an educational background in medicine.

Drawn to the extraordinary self-healing abilities of the body, she founded in 2005 a Day-Spa in Luxembourg City to promote longevity through treatments that support health without disrupting the body’s natural intelligence.

It’s about boosting the body’s wonderful innate capacity to regenerate itself, to support its natural processes, relieve blockages and let energy flow. After all, the natural state of the body is health and that’s what we seek to maintain. The highly-trained therapists look at the client’s lifestyle, nutritional habits and needs in order to be able to offer the most beneficial tailored solutions. Among the clients there is a common desire to be physically fit and mentally sound. They understand the importance of setting aside time to care for their health and that engaging in alternative medicine can support general well-being.

Over the years she has come to be an expert whose consultancy is sought after worldwide.

With great pleasure, and absolutely delighted, she started in 2019 the new YOAKE Healthy Lifestyle Expertise. Under the leadership of the specialists, carefully selected, Odette brought the vision of YOAKE to the next level. The new concept immerse the clients in vibrant breath-taking surroundings, authentic wellness retreats, complimented by a range of holistic therapies, to improve health and well-being, restore energy and embrace an intimate life-changing experience.


We live at a time of increased awareness of how to better take care of our bodies, from the quality of the food we eat to the products we use on our skin as well as the importance of activities such as yoga and meditation that help to destress body and clear the mind. 

She is currently writing a book about the subject. The aim is not only to benefit the way you look, but enhance the way you feel, inside and out.

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