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Ralph Montague

Ralph Montague

Author of STOP!! Killing Yourself. Creator of Sleep Mastery and founder of The Longevity Clinic.

Ralph Montague

Ralph certainly practices what he preaches, having a Cryotherapy Chamber, Localised Cryotherapy Device, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Oxygen Facial Device, a Skin Repair Pen (micro needling), Fat Freezing Machine, LED phototherapy light, HIFU Machine and his most recent addition the HIFEM Accelerated Muscle Stimulation device, all at home for his personal use and he absolutely loves all these things using them multiple times a week!

Having setup his first anti-aging and aesthetic clinic in 2005 looking and being younger has always been at the key to Ralph’s heart, so much so is that is reflexologist always picks up from his feet a “Peter Pan” like energy!

Ralph is founder and previously Managing Director of The Skin Repair Clinic, a regional chain of aesthetic clinics. Now a Director of The Skin Repair Group, a provider of anti-aging and longevity devices such as cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

He is an author of the new book “STOP!! Killing Yourself…”, the beginners guide to living longer and has also written the UKs leading aesthetics business book, “The Profitable Clinic”. 

His passion for longevity evolved from the anti-aging industry he’d been so heavily involved in, when he realised in a few years’ time he would be 40! Which was very difficult for him to believe, so though he couldn’t stop time, he could stop aging (or at least slow it down). 

Over the years a lot of people have joked, saying does Ralph ever age or no way is he that old however with Ralph now being 40, it’s realised it was about time he put together all the amazing things he has been doing to his body over the last 20 years, to slow down the signs of aging!

This is where the idea of The Longevity Clinic developed, if Ralph wants to keep feeling amazing and looking a lot younger than he is, then surely other people want to as well…

Though no saint, Ralph still likes a drink every other weekend and partied a lot in his 20s and early 30s and ironically, it was all the partying that was the key driver for doing everything Ralph does today and researching all these amazing things for the human body. Commenting many years ago that this drinking can’t be good for you as just look how bad everyone looks and feels the next day but annoyingly I really do enjoy it, which led him to asking himself what he could do to counter act all this damage?

This is when Ralph became obsessed with all the amazing things out there that are not main stream but soooo….good for us humans!

By regularly having all these treatments Ralph is walking, talking, living proof that this stuff really does work, even with a comprehensive history of partying…

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