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CEO at GDF11 Rejuvenation, Inc.


Growth Differentiation Factor 11 (GDF11) is a naturally occurring peptide that has been cited in many papers as having an amazing capacity to restore aging muscles, hearts, brains and immune systems in mice. It has never been tested in humans until Steve Perry became patient zero on June 7, 2014.

Steve’s path to GDF11 research started at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in computer science in 1980. Since then, Steve has founded and sold several software/tech companies including Revelation Technologies (a database company) in 1992, PowerPay Software (a payroll company) in 1998 and CorporateRewards (a web based sales incentive company) in 2012.

After 40 years of tech/software development, Steve believes that all complex systems are highly programmed – if not, they fall to chaos quickly. The ultimate complex system, the human body, is highly programmed and aging is no exception. Steve believes that lifespan is programmed by natural selection based on a species’ resources, predation and stability of their environment.

Over the last six years, Steve and his company, GDF11, have worked with hundreds of GDF11ers and developed a dosing methodology that titrates the GDF11 dose to the “Big Four” biomarkers of blood pressure, pulse, heart rate variability and reaction time. Significant improvement in these simple biomarkers is almost always observed. Improvement in more sophisticated biomarkers such as naïve T cell count, augmentation pressure, C-reactive protein, intima–media thickness, etc. is also likely with GDF11 supplementation.

Steve is also a “biomarker activist” in the industry and believes all anti aging regimens should be required to show significant improvement in the “Big Four” biomarkers at the very least. And if a regimen cannot show significant improvement in these four simple biomarkers, then it is of little anti aging value and should be shelved.

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