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Head of the Receptor Biology Lab at the University of Antwerp.


Stuart graduated from the University of Leeds in the U.K. with a First Class Honors degree in Pharmacology and was awarded the Pfizer Prize for his undergraduate research. For his doctoral research Stuart was awarded the Ackroyd, Brotherton and Brown Scholarship at the University of Leeds.

Stuart was then awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship to train with Professor Robert Lefkowitz (2012 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) at Duke University. After this post-doctoral fellowship Stuart was recruited to be the Principal Investigator of the Receptor Biology Section at the Medical Research Council (MRC) -Human Reproductive Sciences Unit within the University of Edinburgh. During his time at the MRC he developed novel prostate cancer therapeutics based upon his research into G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) pluridimensional signaling. To broaden his already considerable biomedical experience Stuart then accepted the position of Head of the Receptor Pharmacology Unit at the National Institutes of Health – National Institute on Aging at the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. While at the NIH Stuart was the recipient of the coveted NIH ‘Bench-to-Bedside’ Translational Research Grant Award, one of the few awards available within the intramural NIH program. Upon starting a new family, and returning to Europe, Stuart continued his rigorous scientific journey with the award of the highly-valued Odysseus Program Type I Program Grant to work as both the Adjunct Director of the VIB Center for Molecular Neurology and also ViceChair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Antwerp. Stuart’s current research, in his Receptor Biology Lab, focusses on the development of novel GPCR-based anti-aging therapeutics. This research stream is now forming the basis of a new technology-based start-up company to help screen and develop novel longevity/disease-regulating compounds.

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