Healthy Masters

Currently Dr. Sorek-Benvenisti is president of SIG Technologies of Aging Well (Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel). Dr. Yael's main concern is to promote collaboration among technology developers, policy makers, government offices, those working with the elderly and investors, in Israel and abroad.

Dr. Yael was a board member of the Israel Gerontological Society, which combines the various disciplines working with the elderly population. She has organized and chaired local and international conferences and has been involved in drafting policy documents to promote national programs for the welfare of older people.

In addition, Dr. Yael is CEO of Mediterranean Towers, a public company. It is the main chain of the retirement community in Israel. Mediterranean Towers has been dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of older adults. Mediterranean Towers Ventures' primary idea is to help entrepreneurs change the future of aging. Mediterranean Towers Ventures was looking for startups that are changing aging through innovative technologies and creative business
models, through the “Agetech startup of the year competition 2020”.

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